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The club was formed in 1994 by Doug Revell,  carpenter and blues fan, with his good friend Callum Nicoll. Both keen to bring top class blues to Sevenoaks, their search for a suitable venue was fruitless, until it brought them back to their local pub, the Anchor. After some discussion with landlord Barry Dennis,the idea was approved and the Blues with Bottle Club was born. The Anchor is an unpretentious, family run local pub and with a genuine commitment to bringing  live music to the area.

Doug was always meticulous in his search for excellent blues musicians and over the years  international artists such as Little Toby Walker, Geoff Achison, Watermelon Slim , Ian Siegal and Kent DuChaine have trodden the boards at the Anchor, as well as plenty of home-grown talent, and some of these now extremely successful musicians still return to play at the club at times...

Doug 's untimely death from cancer in 2005 almost led to the end of the club. However, his family relaunched the club later that year due to public demand and knowing that it was Doug's wish. Over recent years the club has become increasingly successful and popular. 

Each year there is a special Memorial Benefit Concert in Doug's memory which raises money for a local cause. This event is part of the Sevenoaks Summer Festival (normally at the end of June) and features a larger band than could perform at the Anchor. See Sevenoaks Summer Festival publicity for further information. 

Until recently the club was also promoting ticketed events at the Stag Community Arts Centre, but these have now, sadly, come to an end. However the club lives on with a great community spirit and brings live music to Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells to satisfy all blues tastes!

 Doug posing proudly in front of a selection of posters of artists who performed at the club (with the exception of Robert Johnson!) 

 The club is now run by Doug's widow, Sue, as  an evolving project ...

Blues with Bottle Club